Masspike Miles ft. Rick Ross – Love Drunk

This video is on FIRE! (literally)
My second one for Masspike Miles ft. Rick Ross.
This video tells the story of a nightmare in Chinatown. Miles meets an evil temptress who gets him to do unimaginable evils, he ends up in the strangest places not knowing how he got there. There is a surprise twist at the end. Rick Ross is performing his verse in a massive Buddhist temple.

Quick BTS clip of the night jib shot:

Freestyles – Talib Kweli, Corey Gunz, & Maino

Sometimes I feel like a rapper. I’m only as hot as my latest work, people forget so quickly. I need to keep my name in the blogs and on your minds.
So I’m starting to do “director freestyles” these ARE NOT VIDEOS. They are verses that I shoot BY MYSELF in under and hour with rappers that I feel are relevant, hot, and popping RIGHT NOW.