Prodigy – ABC’s

Features Peter Green from Pulp Fiction playing a demon cop.
Shot in Long Island City and Upper East Side Manhattan. Utilities HVX200 night vision adapter, never before (or again) used in videos…I think!
This video was the first time I used my Steadicam. Shot on hvx200/Brevis 35mm adapter/Steadicam Flyer combo
UPDATE: The drive which stored the backups and master of this video failed, and left me with only the low resolution web file. In order to release the HD version, the look of the video was completely re-conceptualized. Utilizing Machine Learning software a painterly look was created which compliments our original vision for the video.

Prodigy – Mac 10 Handle

This video “started it all” I guess….Low budget as hell…
We shot this on Halloween, and the weird party b roll is from the legendary 3rd Ward Party which got raided by the cops moments after we left.
This was shot on the HVX200 and a Pro35 Adapter with Prime lenses. Right about the time 35mm adapters became available…
Winner of viral video of the decade from Complex Magazine.
Video of the year from The Village Voice.