Don Q – Chosen one

New freestyle from Bronx rapper Don Q

Shofferhoffer Grapefruit Commercial

Tiny Planets Commercial shot on the Mini EYE VR rig in New York City.

2016 Reel

Smoke DZA – Stage 5 Steamer

Shot in VR in NYC. Multiple cameras were harmed during the filming of this video.

NEW PROJECT: Witness.Earth

Witness.Earth is a collaboration with photographer Porter Yates, who has traveled and photographed far away regions of the world. We have developed a new style of photographic presentation to music. This new technique fuses slideshow, time lapse, and stop motion imagery; all set to the rhythm of unearthed and vintage songs. Developed as an experimental process for Kanye West’s song “White Dress”, we saw potential in the technique and how it could be applied to Porters photography. This method provides a level of immersion never before experienced and is unique in its ability to both comprehensively describe a place and provide intimate details of the setting.
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Redman – Ni**a Like Me

Shot in the capitol of weed – Denver Colorado. Join Redman as he oversees a massive weed operation. Thanks to Frosted Leaf.

Porter & Sail commercial

I was commissioned to direct a commercial for the digital concierge app Porter & Sail .
Through a barrage of photographs, we follow the beautiful Instagram “it” girl Christina Caradona as she travels all over the world indulging in the sights, foods and local cultures.

Large Professor – The Scrolls

Queens pioneer Large Professor takes us through his borough, from Flushing to Queens Bridge.

Ghostface Killah ft. Kandace Springs – Love Don’t Live Here No More

The story centers around a man, played by Michael K. Williams of The Wire and Boardwalk Empire fame, who comes back home after a nine-year bid in jail to find out his girl has moved on. Heartbroken, Williams deals with the situation the only way he knows how, but he’s in for a surprise when the deed is done. – Complex

Waka Flacka & DJ Whoo Kid – Trap Hop

This is Waka Flocka and DJ Whoo Kid’s joint collaboration of “Trap Hop.” Featured on the duo’s recent mixtape I Can’t Rap: Vol. 1, “Trap Hop” was one of the fan favorites off of the mixtape. We shot in Brooklyn on my roof, Machine Gun Kelly’s EST Fest in Cleveland, and then flew to Toronto on a private jet for a show.