Verbal Threat – Reality Check

Shot in my “hood” – Williamsburg Brooklyn, and at Shan Nicolson’s backyard BBQ party in Long Island City. Record store is A1 Records in the East Village. Another DJ Premier joint…
Shot on the XTR Prod Super16 – film stock – Kodak 50D – lenses – Ziess Super Speeds. Steadicam by OG David Ellis.

The Tony Yayo Story

This is my 24 minute documentary for rapper Tony Yayo which came with his first multi platinum selling album – “Thoughts of a Predicate Felon”

50 Cent – The Massacre

I produced, shot, directed and edited the visual component to 50 Cent’s second multi platinum album: The Massacre.
These 8 Music videos were shot Shot on multiple formats from Super16 to Mini DV.
The combination of all these videos amassed hundreds of millions of hits on Youtube until Universal/Interscope sued them, and they did a massive “cleaning” of their “unlawful” content.