Nipsey Hussle – Hussle In The House

The first street single off his debut album “South Central State of Mind”.
This video is shot on Slauson and its surroundings in LA. Cameo appearances by Terry Kennedy and Snoop Dogg.
Thanks to: Epic Records, Big U, and Jonny Shipes.
HVX200/Ziess glass/Brevis/Steadicam Flyer/Jimmy Jib

Behind the Scenes:
YouTube Preview Image

Prodigy – ABC’s

Features Peter Green from Pulp Fiction playing a demon cop.
Shot in Long Island City and Upper East Side Manhattan. Utilities HVX200 night vision adapter, never before (or again) used in videos…I think!
This video was the first time I used my Steadicam. Shot on hvx200/Brevis 35mm adapter/Steadicam Flyer combo
UPDATE: The drive which stored the backups and master of this video failed, and left me with only the low resolution web file. In order to release the HD version, the look of the video was completely re-conceptualized. Utilizing Machine Learning software a painterly look was created which compliments our original vision for the video.

Kia Shine – Wow

Shot on location in Memphis TN. This video hit #3 on MTV Sucker Free Countdown.
Cameo by UFC Champ and actor who played BA Baracus: Quinton Jackson.
Green Screen post production and animation by Fabian Tejada, and Luke Choi. Shot on 250 & 500 fuji film on an Ari SR3 Super 16 with the new Cannon Zoom (for all the film nerds out there lurking)

Belly ft. Nina Sky – Don’t Be Shy

Toronto rapper Belly…One of the biggest rappers out there…they got money! (as you see)
Featuring a black Jaguar (not the car) and a ravenous 700 pound Tiger.
I’m never doing a shoot with wild animals again…once was enough…he almost got attacked…that would have been a bad look…Nina Sky are nice girls…Shot on 35mm with Cooke Primes (for all you film nerds). Post production by Brian Sensebe.
This video shot to the top of the Much Music Charts.

Unfortunately the behind the scenes got erased from Youtube, here is Belly talking about the incident on SirusXM Shade 45 DJ Whookid radio show.