The Snapshot Collector

The Snapshot Collector is a documentary short about the art of collecting found photography. The film focuses on four players who scour through a seemingly endless archive of old photographs, finding the extraordinary few, reinterpreting their context, and giving them new lives and meanings. For more information and additional interviews, visit

NEW PROJECT: Witness.Earth

Witness.Earth is a collaboration with photographer Porter Yates, who has traveled and photographed far away regions of the world. We have developed a new style of photographic presentation to music. This new technique fuses slideshow, time lapse, and stop motion imagery; all set to the rhythm of unearthed and vintage songs. Developed as an experimental process for Kanye West’s song “White Dress”, we saw potential in the technique and how it could be applied to Porters photography. This method provides a level of immersion never before experienced and is unique in its ability to both comprehensively describe a place and provide intimate details of the setting.
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