Dikie – Blije

In September I was invited to Russia for Moscow’s first large scale Hip-Hop festival: “Rhythm of my City”.
The main event was a Rap competition in which 12 finalists battled for the top spots.
One of the prizes was a music video created by me. I also served as a judge alongside legendary russian rappers
@ligalizemc @smokymo @bastaakanoggano and @hamil.kasta
We awarded @dikie_band the prize for their song “Blije”.

For my first music video in Russia, I decided to create an homage to the iconic art that my father – Alex Melamid created in the 1980s called Sots Art.
Visually, I emulated the textures, colors, and subjects. Conceptually, I tried to convey the absurdity of russian politics and life by using silly archival footage of Soviet leaders and citizens.
I also used close up shots of the soviet style pavilions at the site of the festival: VDNH.
After months of back and forth with government censors, we finally received approval!
Produced by @xostudio.ru
Ярушников Юрий – Executive producer
Мусаев Ростислав – Executive producer
Аркадий Маликов – Producer
Евгения Семенова – Producer
Роман Мусаев – AC
Дима Маслов – Gaffer
Kinostanok.ru – Camera
Ангелина Рунцова – Makeup

Tony Yayo – Kitty Bill

Tony Yayo strokes a kitten on a set filled with plenty of eye-candy. Featuring social media sensation Pio La Ditingancia and Zeeshan Ali portraying Jesus.

The Muralist

The Muralist is a short documentary created for The Edison Hotel. It follows East Village artist Arnie Charnick who is commissioned to create one final mural before he leaves New York City for good. Painted in the lobby of one of Times Square’s oldest hotel, his work celebrates the New York of a bygone era, and my work echo’s his sentiment.