Dikie – Blije

In September I was invited to Russia for Moscow’s first large scale
Hip-Hop festival: “Rhythm of my City”.
The main event was a Rap competition in which 12 finalists battled
for the top spots. One of the prizes was a music video created by me.
I also served as a judge alongside legendary russian rappers
@ligalizemc @smokymo @bastaakanoggano and @hamil.kasta
We awarded @dikie_band the prize for their song “Blije”.

For my first music video in Russia, I decided to create an homage
to the iconic art that my father – Alex Melamid created in the 1980s
called Sots Art.
Visually, I emulated the textures, colors, and subjects.
Conceptually, I tried to convey the absurdity of russian politics and life
by using silly archival footage of Soviet leaders and citizens.
I blended this with close up shots of the soviet style pavilions
at the site of the festival: VDNH.
After months of back and forth with government censors,
we finally received approval!

Produced by @xostudio.ru
Ярушников Юрий – Executive producer
Мусаев Ростислав – Executive producer
Аркадий Маликов – Producer
Евгения Семенова – Producer
Роман Мусаев – AC
Дима Маслов – Gaffer
Kinostanok.ru – Camera
Ангелина Рунцова – Makeup

The Aftermath of Katrina with B.G.


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Produced and Directed for XXL Magazine.

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